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Perth Education Agent


ANQUIRE.COM WORLDWIDE as a Qualified Perth Education Agent Counsellor assures students, parents and guardians that we:

  • as Perth Education Agent have the experience of being an international student in Australia.
  • as Perth Education Agent are updated on the changes and developments in the international education services.
  • as Perth Education Agent understand the Australian education system, education quality assurance and Australian visa regulation system.

ANQUIRE.COM WORLDWIDE as Perth Education Agent assists international students, parents and guardians who:

  • do not speak English well.
  • know little about Australia.
  • have not travelled overseas before.
  • have limited information about the educational institution.
  • have only a general understanding of what living and studying in Australia involves.

ANQUIRE.COM WORLDWIDE as Perth Education Agent:

  • provide international students assistance with education application.
  • obtain student visas for genuine student.
  • change of course or provider for student.
  • assist student with Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC).
  • provide clear cost structures.
  • respond to questions in a timely manner.
  • maintain contact after a course has begun.
  • assist international student with social, emotional and cultural issues.

When to contact us "Perth Migration Agent" for Australian Visa or Migration Advice?

If you are an Overseas Student or International Student in Australia, we recommend that you contact us between 6-12 months before your student visa expire or graduation.

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